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Yayyyy Happy New Year everyone!! *Inserts pansy quote about how this year is going to be the best year of my life blah blah*

If you couldn’t tell, I’m not the biggest fan of new years. Like yay, another year has past and a new one is beginning, but really what’s the big deal? I mean yeah the fireworks are pretty good (although if I am honest this years fireworks weren’t on par with last years) although we didn’t go this year since Boris decided he wanted to cash in on the event. But anyway, apart from that, there’s not much else going on with it to be honest. Apart from all the holiday films on tv of course!

I suppose one thing that bugs me about the whole ‘New Year’ thing is the whole idea of ‘new year, new me’ and new years resolutions. Why does the date changing from 31st December to 1st January spark such a flame in people that they want to change all these different things in themselves? Like anyone could wake up on the 26th February and decide to start learning mandarin as a new ‘resolution’. But no one would see it as a resolution since it wasn’t made at the beginning of the year. Why is the importance and weight of a goal so dependant on the date at which it was decided to be done? I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I feel that unnecessary focus on reasons behind a target (or resolution in this case) is what makes us more likely to fail at them, or not complete them.

Even though I am not a fan of the unnecessary focus on new years and new years resolutions, I really felt that I should write something – however small – on the matter. I guess because I restarted my blog again in the middle of December as a way of ‘a new beginning’ – which is what many people see going into the new year. I wrote that post on a random date in December, not overtly thinking about the date in which I returned to my blog. The date is not what is important. The fact that I eventually did what I had been meaning to do for ages was. And I think that is how more people should look at certain targets they set in their life. I think they would be more likely to succeed at them that way – I least I have found for my own personal goals. And I know this is not possible for all targets, as sometimes some targets need to be achieved in certain amount of time. But for the ones that don’t, don’t pressure yourself so much to do it all within such and such time frame – just let it flow naturally and I think you will find you will enjoy the sense of accomplishment more so that way.

Now after that long spiel of why I don’t like new years resolutions – I am going to tell you mine. But wait – the difference is I am determined to not think of it as a new years resolution, else I know I won’t succeed at it. The thing I want to get into is writing a journal. I used to keep one as a child, but rather then being collections of my thoughts they instead became long ramblings of me going off on tangents with all sorts of wacky stories my mind had created. The other day I came across a stunning bounded notebook in my property, and I made a decision to make it my journal of my thoughts. As much as I love writing here and getting into the flow of things, there are just something’s I don’t think you guys would want to read about, and nor do I want family members knowing about! I haven’t got around to writing anything in it yet, but maybe sometime this week I will.

I would love to your (anyone who is reading this) thoughts on these matters! What do you think about the whole event that is new years? What about new years resolutions? Have you made any? I know I said I don’t like them, I would still love to hear them!