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So yesterday was pretty intense. And given that I tweeted throughout the day, I thought it would be interesting/fun to recount my day by expanding on my tweets!

If you know me personally then you’d know that I love to bake! However this semester my mother banned me from the kitchen and said I needed to study more and not waste time baking. But now that I’m on holidays she can’t stop me! Now although I love baking and like to believe I’m a good baker – I’ve never baked bread before (before yesterday that is). I’ve been meaning to try for ages, and yesterday was the day I attempted it!


I was so excited to bake bread and I had all my ingredients ready – I even had my mum buy me some strong bread flour when she was out doing the weekly shop. However, soon enough disaster struck!


So then I had to go out on the hunt for yeast…


What was meant to take 5 minutes quickly took longer…


In the third supermarket I found success!

Now I knew bread was meant to take long to bake, but my gosh it takes long! Here are some pictures of my breads journey to creation from when I remembered to get my camera out…

before proofing

before proofing

after proofing

after proofing

after adding the cinnamon-sugar filling

after adding the cinnamon-sugar filling


after the second proof!

Out of the oven!!

Out of the oven!!

Yes the tops got lightly singed but oh well! You know why? Because:


As you can tell, I was pretty excited.. Btw, I also baked Brownies and a Madeira cake also


And to conclude with this mornings tweet: 6IMG_20141223_113901

I hope I didn’t tire you all with all the pictures and tweets and such and that this was enjoyable to read maybe. The bread I baked was a cinnamon and raisin jumble loaf (yeah I just had to choose a really complex recipe to use as my first attempt at baking bread!) if I didn’t mention it before. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God) it tastes amazing even if I do say so myself. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know!

Let me know how you found this post maybe? Baking is a real passion of mine and I was wondering if I posted recipes here would you guys like to read that? More pictures? Less? I know this wasn’t really me doing a recipe, but it was something I was thinking about doing. I would love to hear what the people reading this blog think of the things I’m posting. Any feedback would be very grateful 🙂