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If anyone knows how to deal with a boss who is constantly looking over your shoulder at everything you do, to the point where there’s no point in you doing your job because they’re practically telling you want to do instead – and has any tips, please let me know! Because I am honestly going crazy.

In other news: in the 21 days of Ramadan that have past, I have made banana loaf cake on three separate occasions. I think its becoming a bit excessive. What do you guys think? Its literally one a week.. :/

You know all day I had a load of things I wanted to write in this post, and now that I’m sitting here typing, nothing comes to mind. Which basically means that this post is going to be even more ramblely then usual..

As you know, Ramadan is a blessed month which we should all take advantage of and try to make the most of. Many Muslims use the month to reevaluate their lives and change themselves, hopefully for the rest of their lives. The thing I notice the most in our society is that we’re so quick to judge each others actions. For example, people would see a sister who normally does not wear hijaab, wearing hijaab in Ramadan. And you hear the comments ‘oh what is she wearing hijaab for, she never wears hijaab, shes just going to take it off after Ramadan’. My answer to this would be: what’s it to you?! Subhan’Allah, no one knows what is in our hearts apart from Allah! So who are we to judge each other? For all we know, that sister may have started wearing the hijaab full time after Ramadan, but after hearing the comments of these girls talking about her, she’d change her mind and take it off! Now would you want that on your conscience? Wouldn’t you rather be the person that praises her for her efforts to wear hijaab, to the extent that with your praise she might make wearing hijaab a full time thing?

When we see our Muslim brothers and sisters doing something they shouldn’t its our duty to advise them that what they are doing is wrong. Because we are all liable for our actions and also what we see. So if we see haraam taking place, we should attempt to stop it. Because for all we know, that brother/sister may have been doing something haraam without knowing! So by you advising them, instead of judging beforehand, you’re stopping them from committing more haraam. And even if they didn’t end up taking your advise, at least you can say you tried and InSha’Allah you’ll be rewarded for it.

Last year most of my Ramadan was spent working 12 hours shifts at the Olympics. It was long and hard, but I’m going to get into that now. Now we had to work in teams, and so in my time at the Olympics, I met a lot of people. Now call me naive but I didn’t realise not fasting in Ramadan was such a casual thing nowadays. In my culture, when women are not fasting in Ramadan  they still hide the fact that they are not fasting from the men in their family, as a way of respect and modesty for all. I mean, seriously – no one wants to know when a girl is on her period! (There, I said it, now lets not say anymore on the subject okay). But when I was working at the Olympics, all around me I’d hear people say ‘oh yeah, I didn’t wake up for suhoor today, so I decided not to fast’ or ‘I just couldn’t be bothered to fast today, I heard the food in the canteen was going to be really good’. Now before you say anything, I’m not judging these people, because we are all free to make our own choices. But what I truly could not fathom was how proud they sounded when they made comments like this. :/ Like really? No one thinks you’re a ‘big man’ because you decided not to fast today, more I feel sorry for you because you are missing out of so many rewards. And I said as much to one guy, when he told me he wasn’t fasting. I asked why he wasn’t, with not a lot of emotion in my voice, and he replied ‘because I didn’t want to’. I looked up at him and immediately he said ‘what, why you judging me for, its my choice I don’t want to fast, whatever.’ To which I replied ‘I’m not judging you, I was just asking. It isn’t my place to judge you, you can do what you like, doesn’t effect me.’

And that is what it comes down to. Why does it matter so much to us when others are committing haraam? If it’s not effecting you directly, surely it shouldn’t effect you. You do your best to advise them and leave it at that. You’ve done your bit and your conscience is clean.

On a funnier note, I came across this today: Screenshot_2013-07-30-23-38-38

All I say is LOL. I honestly don’t understand how anyone can take this man seriously when he makes comments like this. By the way – the picture he tweeted was of the ‘halaal’ sign outside a Subway. Oh and to top it off – Tommy Robinson has blocked me on twitter! 😀 Lolol, I think I’ve made it 😛

Anyway, until tomorrow InSha’Allah,