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Indication as to how badly I procrastinate: Today I turned my laptop on just after 1pm with the intention to start today’s post and get it up hours and hours before iftaar. Did that happen I hear you ask? No. If you’re from the UK, you’d already know that, however I know there’s a few of you from around the globe reading my blog (Say Hi in the comments below – I don’t bite 😉 ) and you guys wouldn’t know that, but yeah, its currently after iftaar.. Quite a while after iftaar actually. 😛

So as I mentioned in last weeks post, my favourite radio show on MCR is Easy Talk. And yesterday evening, as per my usual weekend routine, I was sat listening to the radio show minding my own business. Now yesterdays topic of discussion was the current situation in Egypt, and what Muslims here in the UK think about. The debate was good a varied, but as with all discussions, stupidity surfaces. I think two brothers phoned in to give their opinions on the matter. Their opinion? That the people of Egypt deserve what was happening to them because it was their own fault for trying to bring democracy into the Islamic world, that Islam and democracy do not not mix. Now I’m pretty sure all of my readers reading this right now will be in agreement with me, that such a argument is positively ludicrous!

Maybe its because I’m and International Relations student, I don’t know, but when people make broad, uneducated remarks about things like democracy and power – it bugs me. So I decided to make my point and tweeted into the show saying:

How can this guy on the phone say democracy doesn’t work in the Islamic world – Muslims created democracy!! @mcrlivefm #EasyTalk @Easy_Talk

Little did I know, this tweet would spark off the beginning of a longgggg night of twitter wars…..

Now twitter is a place to express yourself, your views and feelings on certain issues, have a debate or two, that’s all well and good. But when the opposition of your debate is a EDL troll, things can get quite tedious and frustrating.

Again, if you’re in the UK, you’ll most likely have heard of who the EDL are, but for my global readers: basically the EDL is a racist group of thugs who hate Muslims and want us out of Britain. The wikipedia definition of the EDL: The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right street protest movement which opposes what it considers to be a spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in the United Kingdom.

Getting back to my point, so there I was minding my own business, tweeting my thoughts, when BOOM all of a sudden I start getting an onslaught of tweets from these EDL trolls going on about how if Muslims knew what democracy was we wouldn’t be in the situation we are currently in. (This is me putting their words nicely by the way, the language used by these idiots is vile) So of course I’m going to defend my religion, and I did. And I know sometimes when in a twitter war, you feel the need the fight fire with fire, but even though these individuals were downright offensive, I’m proud to say I didn’t stoop to their level, not once was I rude or swear at them. (I actually hate swearing – on the extremely rare occasion a curse word slips out, my friends say it sounds really weird lol) Instead I tried to educate them, although I doubt I got very far unfortunately.

The arguments ranged from the Qur’aan having flaws (however when I asked them to point out some ‘flaws’ they were unable to produce any) to Female Genital Mutilation. I’m not going to go in depth into the arguments though, coz honestly I’d be here all night if I did. But one thing that stood out was the fact that these people don’t seem to understand the difference between Religion and Culture.

What I don’t understand is why matters such as if a rape gang become known, why if the perpetrators happen to be ‘Muslim’ why these EDL trolls feel its such a big point against Muslims. If a non-Muslim rape gang is exposed in the media, you’ll never hear a peep about it from these idiots. However, the minute the word ‘Muslim’ is used, its an issue. As though the severity of the rape is dependent on what religion the person committing the crime has! Its absolutely barbaric. I honestly cannot fathom what goes on in these peoples minds. I just wish they would pick up a book and bloody read it (almost all the trolls from yesterday claimed to have read the Qur’aan – biggest load of sheiz I’ve heard in a long time I tell you that) instead of getting their ideas from bias media and their own bloody ignorance.

In the end I got fed up of talking to brick walls, so I said my last bits and blocked them all. Not that it helped, as when I woke up I woke to another load of them! Honestly I’ve tried getting through to them on more then one occasion, to no avail. Not going to bother anymore. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with trolls like those mentioned, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,