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First and foremost, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, the reason being is that I was ill :(, I actually still feel slightly sick today, but thought I couldn’t go two days without getting something up here.. I don’t know what it is, I’ve just been feeling really uneasy all day, and after iftaar it worsens dramatically 😦 Like I struggle through praying taraweeh that’s how bad it gets 😦 But InSha’Allah I’ll get better soon 🙂

The Battle of Badr, as it was fought on the 17th Ramadan 2 A.H. The Muslim army was made up of 300-317 men, of which 82-86 were emigrants, 61 from the Aws and 170 from the tribes of Khazraj. They were not well equipped or adequately prepared, indeed they only had 2 horses and 70 camels between them! And yet Subhan’Allah, with the power of Allah, they managed to beat the Quraish, who had an army that was over 1000 men strong.

Indeed the fast of Ramadan was established as an obligatory observance that year, alongside the duty to pay Zakat. The Shawwal ‘Eid was also established directly after the victory of Badr. It is reported that it was the finest spectacle witnessed of Muslims praying, acclaiming Allah’s name at the tops of their voices in recognition of his favour, grace and support he rendered through which the forces of truth overpowered those of evil.

“And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land, fearing that people might abduct you, but He sheltered you, supported you with His victory, and provided you with good things – that you might be grateful.” [8:26] Sahih International
Just like Allah granted victory to a few believers against a huge opposition in the Battle of Badr, May Allah grant victory to Syria and the believers in Egypt also. Ameen.
Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,