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As-Salaamu Alkaium everyone,

Yes, you read right up there. Day 15 is actually over. We are half way through Ramadan already. Its crazy how fast the days are passing us by. Its funny how here in the UK, the days are long and we are keeping 18 hour fasts, so you’d expect it to go slow and you could get loads done. And yet it doesn’t actually feel that way. Almost in a blink it feels as though its time to prepare iftaar, and then pray taraweeh, and so on.

Generally I have a slight sit down after praying maghrib to relax and think about the day. My mind is spinning with thoughts of ‘how much Qur’aan did I manage to read. I should have finished this of at that time’ etc etc. And Subhan’Allah, worldly things just don’t come to mind as frequently, they just don’t seem important right now. For example, theres a series on the BBC which I love watching called Luther. The main actor was born and brought up where I live, and in fact some of the scenes where actually filmed on my road. The series ended last night, and I thought to myself ‘damn I wanted to watch that’. I had honestly forgotten about it, as being in the spirit of Ramadan, things like watching general tv shows just seem so trivial. And no, I’m not gonna lie to you and say after Ramadan ends I’m not going to watch tv, because I know I will. Its just that right now I think, I have been blessed enough to see another Ramadan when so many other haven’t, so why not make the most of my time by doing some good deeds and filling up my bank for the Ahkirah. InSha’Allah. After all, with technology nowadays, its so easy to catch up on tv shows, who really cares if you’re watching something a week or two late? Its just something to thing about really, that tv show is still going to be there when Ramadan ends, and its not particularly benefiting you in anyway whatsoever. So why not go do something beneficial in this blessed month, while you have the chance. Because there’s not guarantee you will be here to see it again.

In one of my first posts during Ramadan I mentioned that channel 4 where broadcasting the fajr azan on tv throughout the whole month of Ramadan. My only issue with it was that they had no subtitles with it, so if non-muslims where watching, they wouldn’t understand what was being said. However, I watched it this morning, and Alhamdulillah they’ve changed the video and it now has the meaning of the azaan running below 🙂 You can watch it here if you like 🙂

That is all for today, sorry its so short.

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,