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Hey y’all,

So todays post is gonna be pretty short as I don’t really have much to talk about. I don’t think I could get away with writing this post without mentioning the crazy weather though! As I was writing yesterdays post I said how I could hear the thunder rumbling. Well after which the lightening came and then the rain. It was quite a sight to see! Indeed yesterday we finished the 13th fast, and the 13th Surah in the Qur’aan is actually called ‘Ar-Rad’ which means ‘The Thunder’! Subhan’Allah, how fitting it was. I see things like this and I just think, how can someone see this all and still deny Allah’s existence? I just can’t fathom their reasons. Indeed, someone I follow on twitter posted this spectacular picture of the thunder and lightening from outside East London Mosque last night which I had to share with you all 1374619223295

Subhan’Allah, it looks so amazing it almost looks unreal right?!

I had work today, and I would have been late, had my dad not woken me up! Staying up and sleeping after Fajr takes its toll on my sleeping pattern I’ll tell you that! But yeah, thanks dad! 🙂 All I can about it is that it felt excruciatingly long and tiring. Not because the work was hard or anything, but because my boss feels the need to constantly stare over my shoulder and check if what I’m doing is right. ¬¬

I have never been one to think in a calculated manner in what I say and do. Unlike other people, I don’t think before I speak, I never think that someone might twist what I say and think I meant something completely different. I guess you could say I am pretty naive in the sense that I don’t realise what I say people may later twist in such a horrible manner that makes me look like a horrible person. When I say something, I say it as it is. To be honest I don’t have time to calculate a snide comment and say it but with a lot of flowers sprinkled over the top so its not obvious I’m making a snide comment. I don’t understand how people in this world have the time and energy to sit around calculated such comments and ripping apart and certain thing someone may have said, to search for some hidden meaning that isn’t even there! Like can someone not say something with a white conscience anymore?

I don’t even know if what I just said made sense, its just been bugging me for a while and it needed to come out. I guess I’m just too trusting to think everyone is as open as me.  There’s an old saying in bengali my mum used to say: ‘don’t trust to easily, not even the hairs on your left arm are your friend’ Its one of those sayings that kind of got lost in translation, I can’t really explain it properly, I’m sorry.

Side note – this is has been bugging me since before I began blogging, but more so since I started as I’ve noticed it more – WHY DOES GOOGLE CHROME FEEL THE NEED TO SAY I’M SPELLING THINGS WRONG JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT WRITING IN AMERICAN ENGLISH?! ¬¬ Give me the option to change the spell check to ENGLISH English and stop putting a red line under words I know I’m spelling correctly!! ¬¬ Ugh.

Sorry about this ranting post, if anyone can give me some insight as to why some people are so calculated and confusing, it would be much appreciated 🙂

Until tomorrow, InSha’Allah,