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I come with peace! 🙂

I think the only way I can start today’s post really is by mentioning two things. How excruciatingly hot it is London, and the royal baby! Now okay, everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather so far I’m sure, but 34/35℃?! Its getting too much for my liking now.. I didn’t even leave my house today until just before iftaar (to give some food to a friends house) and yet I felt the heat was literally unbearable. Anyway, moving on to the second big news of the day – the royal baby has been born! 😀 Yayy!! Okay, celebration over now, can we stop talking about it? I don’t hate the royal family, nor do I love them to bits. In my opinion, okay the babies been born, seems the mother and baby are happy and healthy, lets leave it at that and move on with our lives now?

However, we all know thats not going to happen. I do wonder how long the media will stretch this story out for. The way the press went on about Kate’s pregnancy, I honestly thought she’d been pregnant for a good 2 years! ¬¬ I think its horrible that Harry is no longer 3rd in line to the throne anymore though 😦 To be honest I think the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William – and now his son too – should all abdicate and give the throne to Harry! 😀 I think he’d be a good king, he seems to have charisma, likened to his mother Diana, whereas William seems to be more like Prince Charles.. One last point about the royal baby – I think they should name him Mohammed! 😀 It is the most common boys name in world after all…

Anyway, I have to admit nothing much was accomplished today other then a lot of household cleaning, as we had guests coming round for  iftaar. And let me tell you, pulling up a dyson up three flights of stairs is hard work when fasting, especially in this heat. The past two weeks I had found having a cool shower in the middle of the day helped, but today not two minutes after stepping out the shower, it felt as though I hadn’t had one to begin with! However, the weatherman said the storms were brewing, and indeed I just heard a roll of thunder as I type this..

Now asians are known for their big feasts at sorts of different occasions, Ramadan is no different. One tradition we seem to hold is that once a girl is married, her family are to take food over to her in-laws in order for them to have iftaar with. Now this is all well and good, Ramadan is after all, about the coming together of families at the end of the day to enjoy iftaar together and so forth. But when people/families start to put such weight on this act, such high expectations, almost to the point where if this act is not done to a certain standard is not acceptable – this is taking it too far.

If you know me personally, you’ll know that my oldest brother and sister in-law live with me. And so, today was the day her family brought food over for iftaar. Alhamdulillah, my family like tradition as much as the next person, but we don’t tend to put such extreme weights on traditional matters. We’re not the type to hold a grudge against my sister in-laws family if they didn’t bring enough samosas for example, lol. (They did by the way, don’t worry :P) However, I do know some people that do hold such extreme views on certain traditions being carried out exactly the way they’re supposed to.

Now in my opinion, I really don’t see what the big deal is. You invite people around to enjoy iftaar at your house, they come, bring some food, we all break out fast together and have a lovely meal. Does it really matter if there wasn’t enough samosas to go round? Share if you have to! Indeed, there’s more blessing in your food if your share with others. That was what I was running out doing just before iftaar in fact, giving small parcels of food to our local muslim family friends to enjoy 🙂

The point I’m trying to make is, yes its nice to practice certain traditions from different cultures, its part of who we are. But the fact is, tradition and culture shouldn’t over rule religion. And more importantly, culture shouldn’t be confused and given the importance of religion. The two just cannot compare.

Alhamdulillah, todays iftaar was a joyous one in my house, and I hope wherever you are, yours was/is too 🙂

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,