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Salaam everyone,

Just wanted to say, I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was an emotional day on so many different levels, so lets just leave it at that.

Lets focus on the fact that today is already the 11th of Ramadan! Subhan’Allah, the month is literally flying.. This upsets me so much 😦 After iftaar today, my brother highlighted the fact that by Wednesday we’ll be half way done with Ramadan! :O I hope y’all are taking as much advantage of this blessed month as possible! I know I am, but you know when you get the feeling like you could be doing more? Thats how I feel.

To update y’all on how my day went – I baked (I made a banana loaf cake and deep dish s’mores.. mmmmm…), got attacked by cupboards and broke a lot of glass. I’m literally a walking catastrophe.. :/

Now as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, MCR (Muslim Community Radio – you can listen here from anywhere in the world) is a bigggg part of Ramadan in my household. And one of my favourite shows on it is called Easy Talk, which is on Friday and Saturday nights after taraweeh 🙂 Yesterday was Friday (of course you all already know that, I don’t know why I felt that I had to tell you :P) and so I was up listening. Now every show they have a topic they talk about and listeners can call/text in to give their opinions on the topic. Yesterdays topic happened to be the topic of Jinns. Now I’m going to get into the whole thing, just know that they exist (good and bad) and that you need to protect yourself from them.

Now initially I was scared when they first mentioned the topic and started talking about it. So I tweeted in saying how I was scared (I’m such a wuss :P) how I wanted to cry and that I didn’t think I’d be able to listen to the show. And guess what! Hightlight of my day practically! – They replied! 😀 Saying that I  shouldn’t be scared, coz theres nothing to be scared about.

I somehow managed to sit through the whole show, and alhamdulillah, I actually learnt a lot! I’d urge you all to read up on Jinns and what they do, because I truly believe its something we should all know and be wary off. Anyway, about half way through the show one of the brothers, (Azad bhai) read out my tweet LIVE ON AIR with my full name and everything! 😀 Now I don’t care that I sounded like a wuss in that tweet, I was so excited! Even my mum was! 😛 Anyway, Azad bhai read the tweet out and said I shouldn’t be scared, that we should just keep high imaan and pray, and that theres nothing to worry about 🙂

Now if you remember in my last post I mentioned that I wanted to put some duas in, but the reason I couldn’t is because I couldn’t find an arabic version that I could post into here directly. I’m extremely sorry to say I failed and that I couldn’t find it. And whats annoying is that two of the duas were specific to the first 10 days of Ramadan (of Allahs Mercy)

“O Allah! Forgive me, have  mercy on me, help
me, guide me and sustain me.”
(at-Tirmidhi al Tabarani).


“There is no God except you. You are glorified. O Allah! I seek Your forgiveness for my sins, I ask You for   our mercy. O Allah! increase me in knowledge and do not misguide my heart after having guided me. And  grant me mercy from Your treasure. Verily you are the giver .”
(Al-Hakim, Ibn HIbban and Abu Dawud).

Now although these duas mention Allahs mercy, they can still be said any day and every day InSha’Allah.

As we are now in the second 10 days of Ramadan, these are now the days of Allah’s forgiveness.

day 2.jpg

“O Allah! I ask You by medium of Your abundant blessings that You have blessed me with and by medium of Your trials that You have tested me with and by medium of Your trials that You have favoured me with that You enter me in Paradise. O Allah! Enter me into paradise with Your favour, boon and mercy.”


day 2 dua2.jpg

O Allah! make us those that thank You for Your blessings, who are content with Your Will, and who hold firmly to Your Rope (i.e. Islam, by faith and practice). We seek Your help and we seek Your forgiveness. We believe in You, we praise You, we do not refute You. We forgo and leave he who disobeys You. O Allah! we worship You and to You we pray and prostrate. To You we strive and hasten. We hope for Your mercy, and we fear Your severe punishment. Indeed Your punishment will meet the unbelievers.

(At-Tabari in Tahdhib Al-Athar)

There is also a dua known as Sayyid al-Istighfar (Dua for forgiveness)
Shaddad ibn Aws narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said; “the most
superior request for forgiveness is to say”:

“Allahumma anta Rabbee laa ilaaha illaa ant. Khalaqtanee wa ana ‘abduka wa ana ‘alaa ‘ahdika wa wa’dika mastata’t. A’oodhu bika min sharri ma sana’t. Aboo-u laka bi ni’matika ‘alayya wa aboo-u laka bi dhambee, faghfirlee fa innahoo laa yaghfirudh-dhunooba illaa ant.”
“O Allah, You are my Lord. There is no god besides You. You created me and I am Your servant, following Your covenant and [my] promise to You as much as I can. I seek refuge in You from the evil that I have done. Before You I acknowledge Your blessings bestowed upon me and I confess my sins to You. So forgive me, for surely no one can forgive sins except You.”
The Prophet (PBUH) then added, “anyone who says this during the day, firmly believing in it, and dies before the evening; or says it in the evening, firmly believing in it, and dies before the following morning, will be among the people of paradise.”
(Sahih al-Bukhari, vol 8, pp212-3, no 318)

InSha’Allah these duas were helpful for you. And if I find arabic versions, I will update this post with them InSha’Allah.

I hope everyones Ramadan is going well so far anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture of the deep dish s’mores I made 😛 (and don’t worry, halaal marchmallows were used! :P) IMAG2163

If anyone would like to see a step by step post on how I made these delectable treats, do let me know InSha’Allah 🙂

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,