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Salaams everyone,

First and foremost, I’m sorry for not posting yesterday, I wasn’t feeling my best. I guess you could say I just can’t handle heat lol. This Ramadan is kind of reminding me of Ramadan 2 years ago where I spent half of it working with a charity in South Africa, in regards to the heat and such. Btw – do let me know if anyone would be interested in reading a post of my travels in South Africa! 😀

So I had my first day at work today.. Now if you know me personally, I have literally been looking for a job since Summer began, to no avail. Until this one popped up. And to be honest, in my opinion its not even a proper job, I’m just doing some admin/secretarial work for a local charity. But hey, I have nothing better to do with my time and I need the experience, so I’ll take what I can get! I won’t go into how it went, because I don’t want to bore you all, and I’m worried who might read this! 😛

So as you know, the month of Ramadan is split into thirds. The first 10 days are the days of Mercy from Allah, the second third are the days of Forgiveness from Allah, and the last third are the days of Salvation from the Hellfire. I was recently sent a cute story to explain the division of the month in thirds, which I thought I’d share with you all 🙂

Explaining the three parts of Ramadan:

“Abdullah is a mischievous boy who broke a window in his house. His parents punish him by sending him to his room for a week.. He is not known for being tidy and his room is always a mess. For some reason, to please his mother, whilst waiting in his room after his punishment, he tidies up all his toys and his bed and waits quietly in his room (usually he is rowdy). His mother turns up and he gives her a big hug. She looks at the room and is in shock a little. She can’t believe that he has tidied up. She was about to punish him further, but now she feels MERCY for him. Her anger is  gone as he has been soo good. Abdullah tries harder and says to his mother ‘Can I help you with any work around the house’. She again is taken back by this and this time her heart FORGIVES Abdullah for what he has done. She feels no anger towards him. After he has helped her round the house, she looks at Abdullah and tells him ‘you don’t need to stay in your room for the next week’. She DELIVERS him from his punishment. He continues to help his mother set out food for lunch. She is now soo happy with him she takes him out to the shops to buy him whatever he wants.”

This is an analogy of the three parts of Ramadan. Allah is upset with us for all our sins in the 11 months prior, but when we turn to him in the first ten days, he is MERCIFUL to us. When we continue to turn to him and get closer to him, in the second ten days, he FORGIVES us of all of our sins. We continue to get closer to him, so in the last ten days he DELIVERS us from HELL. We continue to get closer and we achieve closeness on the big night (this night being the equivalent of praying for 83 years) then he gives us the gift of JANNAH on Eid day. That is why we celebrate. I hope Allah shows us the way. Ameen

 Unril tomorrow InSha’Allah,