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As-Salaamu Alaikum,

So here in London, we completed our 6th fast of Ramadan. Subhan’Allah, the days are so long and the nights so short, and yet it still seems like the days are flying.

On the 6th Ramadan 1426 (10th October 2005) my beloved nani (maternal grandmother) passed away. I was 12 at the time, just started year 8. That day is forever ingrained in my memory. And I suppose with today being the 6th of  Ramadan, it kind of stuck out to me more. I don’t actually know where I’m going with this, so just bare with me.

As I’m sure you know, the first 10 days of Ramadan are the days of mercy from Allah. I always ask Allah to have mercy upon my nani.

How many people that you know were here last Ramadan, but haven’t made it to this year? For me, my granddad, and two great aunts passed. They didn’t know they were going to go when they did, indeed none of us do. Only Allah.

So what are we doing with our time? Are we using it wisely? Indeed its not on our side, as we don’t know when its going to run out! This point alone should make us determined to take advantage of every moment we get, especially now we are in the month of Ramadan where good deeds are multiplied.

We focus so much on worldly goods, getting good jobs and earning lots of money. But if you think about it, when you die, do you take any of that with you? No. So why focus so much on your bank account balance, when really you should be focusing on your good deed balance. Because thats the only one that will help you in the hereafter.

Indeed this life is merely a journey and the final destination is the hereafter.

Today has been a strange day on so many levels. I’m sorry if that has come out in my writing. I ask you all to forgive me please, InSha’Allah tomorrows post shall be more structured.

I leave you with a nasheed that I thought was fitting, to an extent:

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,