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Peace and Blessings,

So Alhamdulillah compared to yesterday, today was a better day for me, I actually managed to stand up straight and do stuff! Now since Ramadan started last Wednesday, I’ve literally been a vampire. i.e. I haven’t been out of the house at all in daylight – apart from the garden.
But todays the day that changed, for my mother decided she wanted to go Green St. Now if you’re not from London you wouldn’t know this, but basically if you want asian clothes/food/anything asian – you go to Green street. Our general aim for going Green street in the blistering heat was to get food for iftaar and such. One item which my family enjoy a lot in Ramadan and generally is mangoes. Now I know you probably don’t care about this, but the price of mangoes nowadays is actually ridiculous! I mean, I remember the days when you’d walk down market stalls and hear men shouting ‘2 box honey mango £5!!’ Nowadays? My mum bought 2 boxes for £14. Daylight robbery I tell you. Oh and as we’re walking back to the car with my hands full of bags, a bug tries to fly into my mouth! Like are you trying to make me break my fast little bug?! ¬¬ Anyway, enough about mangoes and bugs.

As I scrolled down my facebook timeline this morning – btw is it just me who has all these ‘suggested posts’ related to food all down their timeline? – and I saw a link to a youtube video about sisters who revert to Islam, and it being our duty to help and welcome them to Islam.

Now during my first year of sixth form (high school for the Americans reading this) one of my friends for secondary reached out to me saying she had reverted to Islam! Now whilst we were in school I knew she had muslim friends and such but I never would have thought she would revert. Now like to sister in the video above, she faced a lot of backlash from her parents and such. And I, along with some of my friends tried to help her out as much as possible, which was great for a while. And to be honest, I don’t know what happened, but things changed and we lost contact with her. And before you think I’m a horrible person for abandoning my friend, I have tried contacting her to see how she is and such, but I haven’t gotten anything back. And for a while I just felt lost as to what to do.
And I suppose after watching that video it made me think, maybe I could have done more to help somehow.

Now through twitter and other forms of social media I have met so many reverts to Islam, and hearing the stories of their journey to how they found Islam honestly warms my heart so much<3 🙂
Basically what I’m trying to say is wherever/however you can, help our revert brothers and sisters out their, coz they need us. They weren’t born into Muslim families like us to have that support when it comes to Islam. We do, so we must become their family for them. We are one Ummmah after all.

Before I leave you today I just wanted to mention that my baby brother managed to keep his fast today Alhamdulillah 🙂 Please make dua that InSha’Allah he can keep many more 🙂

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,