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So let me first begin by greeting you all with the gift of salaam 🙂

InSha’Allah you’re all in the best of health and iman 🙂

I’ve never tried my hand at blogging before, though I’ve always been interested in it. And after seeing my good friend Fatima blog through Ramadan the past two years, (click here to check it out and send her some love!) I thought ‘I wanna try that!’ So here I am 🙂 I don’t know how well this is gonna turn out hence why I’m currently posting straight onto my tumblr instead of making anactual blog. Small steps…

Anyway! The first day is done and dusted, and Alhamdulillah, it went well 🙂 I don’t know what the weathers like where you are, but here in London, its been uncharacteristically hot! I, along with many other people I’m sure, thought the heat would make fasting difficult. And I know, its only been the first day so I don’t have much to go on – but hey, everyone always says the first day is the hardest right? And if you get through the first day InSha’Allah the rest will be easyish.

So the fast began at roughly 2:30am with Suhoor/Sehri/whatever you wanna call the morning meal. I’m intrigued to know what you all eat for this meal – so let me know!

I became a true bengali today, and had rice with mango & cream – yum yum yum! Now before you say anything – try it before you knock it! Trust me, its amazing. 🙂

For the first time on UK terrestrial tv, channel 4 will be broadcasting the Fajr azaan every morning on tv, with the other 4 on their website. I was interested to see how it would look, so sat and watched it with my brother and mother. You can watch it here and decide what you think of it. Although I will make the point that I’d prefer it if they maybe had the meaning running underneath, so if any non-muslims happened to watch at 3am, they would at least get an idea of what was said.

I woke up really late today, something I’m not very proud to admit – at 11:30 :/ But rest assured – this was a one off, as I found it difficult to fall asleep after fajr.

Now, for the past couple of years I’ve either had college/work/something happening during ramadan, and so I have not had the complete freedom from other things to focus wholly upon this month and gaining what I can from it. This year however, I only have work 2 days a week, so I can focus a lot more on gaining as much as I possibly can.

One thing I intend to delve in to a lot more is the meaning of surahs in the Qur’aan. I haven’t set myself a target as to how much I want to cover, just as much as possible really.

Iftaar time – what did you guys eat? Same as suhoor/sehri I’m intrigued to know what you all eat – so let me know!

One thing came to my mind today whilst the azaan was going and we were breaking our fast – ‘what about the muezzin? ’ This is the name given to the person to does the call to prayer. He has to wait until he finishes calling the azaan before he can break his fast. But I suppose its just the way its gotta be. Fun Fact: My middle brothers name is actually Moazeem (spelt differently but meant to be Muezzin) and my younger brothers name is Bilal – also known as the name of the first ever Muezzin! How fitting 🙂

Anyway, if you managed to stick til the end and read all this rambling – thanks! Let me know if theres anything you want me to talk about etc, I’m open for suggestions 🙂

Oh and I don’t know who is gonna read this, so if you’re not a muslim and need some clarification on any terminolgy, just let me know 🙂

Okay thats it from me today,

Until tomorrow InSha’Allah,

Tania 🙂